62 Angus & 55 Ultrablack Steers 

Auction: Friday MAY 24



These young steers are a good solid line with purpose breeding for quality and fast weight gains. Their dams are proven breeders and performance recorded. The Angus steers present as a consistent line that will perform given the opportunity. They are currently on supplements and a beef maintainance pellet while grazing short SSS and Cow Peas. Steers have been vaccinated with 7 in1 and Bovilis MHR (inc boosters) so they are ready to hit a feedlot with a lowered risk of health issues.
They are quiet to handle and friendly in the paddock. They have been through our weaning process and have respect for bikes and dogs.

Photos were taken at assessment and day of. Some videos include their older brothers who have been sold to feedlot prior to the Auction.