61 Angus & 54 Angus/Brangus Heifers 

Auction: Friday MAY 24

Lot 555 (Angus)

Lot 565 (Cross)



The season is dry and we can't keep replacements this year so here is an opportunity to purchase some easy going, bred heifers before the prices increase.

61 Angus heifers available in the first lot. These heifers are out of tablelands angus cows that include older Clunie Range genetics. Their sires are from Tex Angus, Clunie Range and Swanbrook Angus and have been chosen for fertility, ease of calving while still performing for feedlots and end carcase.

Unfortunately, we are unable to keep the usual number of replacements due to the season so they are offered for sale.


The 54 Angus cross Angus/Brangus heifers and the odd Baldy from an old line of Hereford cows are also available. These heifers will perform in any environment and have proved that they can still grow despite the season.

All heifers are from performance recorded dams, vaccinated with 7 in 1 (inc booster) as well as Bovillis MH + IBR plus booster.